Irving Street Projects

On Irving St. between 44th and 45th Avenues in San Francisco's Outer Sunset district is Irving Street Projects (ISP).  Run by Artist Kelly Inouye, ISP is a gallery presenting experimental solo projects by contemporary artists.  My girlfriend, Emma Fineman, heard about the project on Instagram and alerted me to it immediately.  We've been collaborating on some very colorful photo projects in the area and this was right up our alley... avenue? 

Before a day of exploration and shooting, we stopped by the gallery with hopes of meeting the artist in residence, Leah Rosenberg.  As we were about to leave after finding the gallery locked, Leah walked up, paint buckets in hand and welcomed us into the space.

We asked her if we could utilize the space for some quick portraits with fun clothing and makeup.  She let us!  It felt really good to be utilizing a space that was already so creative for some more creative work.  It felt right.  At one point, a young boy came by with his mother to see the color the room was painted that day.  He wore a sweater with buttons that he'd collected from Leah that represented each color the room had been painted (21.)  He even brought fresh baked cookies to show his appreciation.  At that moment, we could really feel what the gallery means to the neighborhood.  It's not pretentious, not stuffy and extremely approachable.  There is no barrier between artist and viewer.  It encourages interaction.

Link to the project website-

Here are some shots from the day-